MFA501 Mathematical Foundations of AI


In this assessment, you will be given a wide range of programming exercises to complete, which require using and applying mathematical concepts. This assessment is to be completed individually and you are to submit a zip file including source code, debug, and release build and supporting documents for each problem set.


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This assessment activity assesses your skills in employing AI mathematical foundation to solve real-world problems and scenarios.

Task Instructions

The programs that you submit should be free of warnings and errors. You need to submit the source code and the executable format.

  • Name the source code folder as:

Your code should be structured and written with the best practices in the field of programming.

There should be enough number of comments in the source files to show your understanding of the program. Any third-part code should be appropriately attributed.

After implementation and testing your programs, write a reflective report detailing the experience of the development process. The report needs to be at least 500 words in length and include the following sections:


Justifications and elaborations on the mathematical approaches and models used to solve the cases study

Justifications and elaborations on the programing methods and practices used to implement the mathematical approaches and models

What went right What went wrong

What you are not sure about Conclusion

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