mcclain judiciary and governing california judiciary

McClain Judiciary and Governing California Judiciary —

  1. What is constitutional law? copy/paste to url:
  2. What is statutory law? copy/paste to url:
  3. What is administrative law?
  4. How is the federal judiciary organized? Which courts have supremacy over the others?
  5. Define:Justiciable as a case standard to be reviewed by the Supreme Court?
  6. Define Standing: as a case standard to be reviewed by the Supreme Court?
  7. Define Mootness: as a case standard to be reviewed by the Supreme Court?
  8. The Marbury v. Madison (1803) establishment which concept?
  9. Examine the process by which a case comes before the Supreme Court.. Please include concepts: the writ of certiorari and the rule of four

— McClain chapter 3 — State/Local section

  1. In terms of the judicial system, where do most cases transpire?
  2. Do all states select judges in the same way? If so, describe how this is done. If not, provide examples of differing ways judges are chosen.
  3. In what ways do state courts act as policy makers?

Governing California — chapter, Judiciary —

  1. In California, what court has judicial discretion?
  2. In Federalism and the California Courts: The Case of Medical Marijuana,
  3. What does Proposition 215 provides and why it conflicts with federal law?
  4. How did the U.S. Supreme Court rule in Gonzales v. Raich(2005)?
  5. The Commission on Judicial Appointments consists of which three officials?
  6. Judicial Elections – terms? Judges selected by the governor to serve on the supreme court and the court of appeals in California must be approved by??

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