MBA646 Marketing in a Dynamic Environment


Discussion Questions:

1. Provide a detailed SWOT for (1) Colgate-Palmolive (the company) and (2) a SWOT for the ColgatePalmolive Toothbrush segment.

2. According to the case, what changes are occurring in the toothbrush category? Assess ColgatePalmolive’s competitive position.

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3. How is the toothbrush market segmented? Compare consumer behavior between highly involved and less involved consumers for toothbrushes.

4. What are the arguments for launching Precision as (a) a niche product and (b) a mainstream brand? The objectives of this question are: (1), to emphasize the importance and marketing program implications of determining whether a new product represents a big breakthrough idea or a line extension, and (2), to consider the relative merits of emphasizing a corporate brand umbrella versus an individual brand name when launching a new product. Arguments should be provided for both (a) and (b).

5. What marketing recommendations would you make to Steinberg? Discuss and explain.

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