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Read the required Fetterman and O’Donnell article. Assume that you have been asked by the management company of a high-traffic shopping mall to analyze the sensory and segmented marketing strategies being used by its tenants.  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the next executive meeting, reporting on and analyzing both the sensory (visual, audio, aroma, color, etc.) and segmented (male- vs. female-, teen- vs. adult- and high-end- vs. low-cost-, etc. focused) strategies being used at the property.  Use either your own visuals taken on an actual tour of your local mall or those taken from online sources with proper citations to demonstrate your findings on at least seven retailers.  Conclude your presentation with an assessment of who the shopping center is most targeted towards, and why that may or may not be a viable strategy in the market you feature.  Support your conclusions with research from at least three credible sources.


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Marketing Slideshow
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Your slide show should be ten to fifteen slides, all of which should abide by the 7×7 rule of content.  That is, no slide should have more than seven bullet points with seven words on each line.  Be sure you use a consistent and professional presentation theme, and that each slide has a clear and meaningful title.  Avoid using too much animation or any audio clips that do not supplement your presentation appropriately.  The first slide should be a title slide formatted according to APA format. References should be listed on your final slide, and all sources should be cited in APA format.



Must use this article:


Fetterman, M., & O’Donnell, J.  (2006, September 1). Just browsing at the mall? That’s what you think; Retailers set lures that appeal to all of a shopper’s senses. USA TODAY, p. B.1.  Retrieved from the ProQuest “All Proquest Databases.” Students may also find the article on the Internet at Just browsing at the mall? That’s what you think; Retailers set lures that appeal to all of a shopper’s senses. Fetterman, M., & O’Donnell, J.  (2006, September 1).  Retrieved from ( The authors describe the various marketing techniques used by retailers to encourage consumers to make purchases. It supports the Retail Marketing Presentation this week.

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