Marketing Across Cultures

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:

1. how to use fundamental marketing concepts across borders with clear consideration for cultural differences and variants;

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2. how to analyse cultural diversity when formulating an organisation’s marketing strategy;

4. how to create, evaluate and manage the marketing communications function across cultures.

5. collect, analyse and interpret data to understand cultural diversity;

7. explain the conceptual and theoretical justifications behind marketing strategy for cross-border marketing

The title of the assignment.

An outline marketing plan for entry of the UH Business School into an emerging market, with justifications

Purpose Of The Assessment

The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of how a global corporation strategically manages its marketing operations across global markets and cultures. You are advised to use your group’s previous research.

Context: You work in a marketing consultancy. It is your job to prepare a report to the Dean of Hertfordshire Business School on your outline plan for entry into either South Africa or Singapore with business related programmes of study.

Your Specific Instructions:

Your Report should identify as a minimum the following:

You are to produce an outline marketing plan for entry into either country. See assessment requirements below for some ideas of indicative content.

Approach/Steps To Follow:

This marketing plan should have a minimum of 6 sections and be logical, well-researched using Harvard Referencing. It should be written objectively with evidence-based discussion. You are advised to use a “Marketing Plan” structure.

Include ‘signposting’ of the key issues which follow in the report. Briefly introduce the content and purpose and the market, detail your objectives. 

1. Findings and analysis, product and market related issues. This will require research into the Universities’ and Business Schools capabilities] and external analysis [this should be from your previous group assignment.]   

2.Evaluate the above in a table as a SWOT. All findings should be presented in an Appendix.

3.Outline an action plan that includes standardised and adaptive strategies, where necessary and relevant marketing theory. You should also consider the mode of market entry.

4.You should demonstrate that you are basing your strategies on the evaluation of your SWOT. You are expected to consider cultural differences. This section is where the detail should be. It should represent at least 60% of the report.

Summarises the key points already made and link to the task set. No new information.

1.Reference list (at least 15 references, with at least 10 academic [journal articles and books], please separate academic from secondary)

Give full details, following CASE Harvard Referencing guidelines.

1.Appendices must be linked to the body of the work – do not include if not referred to. It is essential that:

Each of the sections are covered (if not, there will be zero% for that section) You show ability to describe theoretical concepts and then use examples as illustrations. You do not make unsubstantiated assertions, references must back up your in-text statements


Show awareness of other aspects of marketing to convince the marker that you understand the subject.

Read and use a range of recent academic resources, e.g books, journals, websites for Mintel reports, Keynote, etc

Do NOT use Wikipedia/ website references alone

Paraphrasing others’ views and give the relevant source, is generally better than using direct quotes Check grammar, use UK spelling and try to use PEEEL to structure your main paragraphs. Refer to CASE Evidence of independent thought and original applications may improve your mark Use Arial Font size 12, double spacing between paragraphs.

As this task is worth 70% of your Module, it is expected that it appears worthy of 50 hours work


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