Mark2049 Principle of Marketing

1. Read the case study on Lucy’s Lemonade stand posted on blackboard. Answer the following 3 questions

A. Perform a detailed SWOT analysis on Lucy’s lemonade stand. Refer to chapter 2.

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B. Provide a description on each of the 4 Ps as it relates to Lucy’s lemonade stand.

C. In Chapter 6, we reviewed the calculation for segment profitability. Using educated estimates for each variable, calculate Lucy’s segment profitability. Be sure to outline the value you associated to each variable and why, and then perform the calculation.

Using external research as well as the textbook, write a paper on how you think marketing will shift as a result of the pandemic. Topics to consider are the 4Ps, how products and services are consumed, the medium by which marketing occurs, the role of community, physical retail locations, etc. Be sure to provide many references to external sources as well as the textbook. Choose 2 or 3 areas to focus on and deeply explore. No minimum or maximum word count, write enough to flush out your idea. Be sure to check spelling and grammar.

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