map your model to a logical database design ensure that your logical database is normalized per the forms 1nf 2nf 3nf and bcnf 1

  • Start with your EER model from Week 1 and now map your model to a logical database design. Ensure that your logical database is normalized per the forms 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, and BCNF.
  • Research the data types used in DBMS products, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, or Microsoft Access, and specify data types for all the attributes in your database. Discuss physical design decisions you might consider to arrive at a practical physical database for your case study. For extra credit, you may want to implement your database in Microsoft Access and include screenshots to demonstrate that you implemented this part.
  • Produce a technical plan that addresses the data architecture management function for data governance of your case study.

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