lit 3155 twentieth century an analysis in fiction or drama or an entire poem

Length: 3 pages. Analyze one aspect in fiction or drama (a character, setting) or an entire poem of your choice (it should not be included on the syllabus; however, the selected work should be written within the era studied (1900- 1945) as it should enhance your knowledge of the period.

The focus of the assignment should reflect the achievement of a specific Student Learning Outcome and enrich your cultural, literary, and aesthetic knowledge of the period and writer analyzed; your analysis should focus on issues related to the Student Learning Outcomes, i. e., on examining the selected work critically, with an emphasis on the reflection of cultural, ethical, gender, and philosophical values reflected in the portrayal of characters, settings, images/metaphors, and themes (see the list of Student Learning Outcomes above). The selected work should not be listed on the syllabus.

In your analysis, you should specifically focus on examining the character portrayal, plot, and setting (in fiction) or imagery and structure (in poetry) and their contribution to the story’s/poem’s message. Give specific examples from your primary source. Optionally, if you choose to analyze a poem, you are welcome to use a secondary source, for instance, an article on the poem posted on Modern Poets website.

The student learning outcome is :

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the impact of one or more of the following issues of the discipline: culture, environment, race, gender, and/or values and ethics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the primary texts and major documents (including visual) of the discipline within appropriate context.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write a well organized and well substantiated analysis of primary literature and crucial sources in a discipline.
  • Demonstrate the ability to determine the nature and extent of information needed, evaluate information and sources critically, and write persuasively through the effective use of evidence derived from credible information sources.

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