Leadership Growth

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Leadership Growth
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Leadership Growth

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9/15/2019 8:35:32 PM

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Based on these three areas; state how these three areas provide the most leadership growth and write specific goals. 1. Ethical Leader: Critical Thinking 2. Influential Mediator: Cross Cultural Competence (3C) 3. Strategic Planner: Continuous Process Improvement Next: Identify what you need to stop doing, start doing and keep doing. These short-term actions will contribute directly to your long-term goals. What potential barriers can I identify which might hinder me in pursuing my goals? How can I overcome these barriers? These barriers may be internal barriers (within you) or external barriers (other people, environment, etc.). What strengths do I have that will help me achieve my goals? Next: How will I draw on my supervisor, mentor, peers and others to track my progress, gather advice and feedback and support my growth? Who will I ask to support me? Who do I know who already possesses the skill set I want to build? With whom will I share my development plan? Why? Next: When will I begin taking action to meet my goals? When do I expect to see significant progress? (Milestone commitments) When will I review my plan to check my progress? Next: How will my goal accomplishment impact me personally and professionally? How will my organization benefit from the changes/improvements I have identified? How will I celebrate when I meet my goals? Last: Build a vision statement that is a condensed version of your Action Plan (i.e. what will you tell people in one sentence that describes where you want to be as a leader?) Note: there is no minimum/maximum word count requirement here, but brevity should be the focus. Your vision statement should be easy to understand and/or explain. Note: REQUIREMENTS: use all applicable elements of SMART: Specific – What, when, why and how Measurable – How are you going to know if you’ve met your goal? Attainable – Can you do it? Realistic – Is your plan really going to work? Timely – How long is it going to take you?

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