leadership change yinscape yangsearch case study discussion board post 350 words 3 response to 3 posts 250 words each

Review the case Yinscape and Yangsearch (Jick & Peiperl, 2011; attached). As an student you will be required to make key decisions with ambiguities, uncertainties, and unknowns. The case is deliberately presented in a way to provide minimal information regarding the merger and acquisition. As such, the case gives the student a chance to face the challenge of crafting and communicating their own vision of what the company should become in the face of uncertainty.

In light of the current reading for the week, discuss the following:

  • As the company CEO, how might you envision the direction of the organization in light of the company takeover?
  • What methods might you use to effectively communicate an appropriate vision for a profitable direction to the organization?
  • What possible factors or dynamics might be at work which may inhibit or encourage change?
  • Discuss possible steps to take to initiate effective change within the organization.
  • Apply Biblical integration to support your response.

Discussion forum are the online component of the class. As such, they are a collaborative team oriented method of learning the course content. As such, each student Will provide a direct response to the discussion board question posted in each forum. Responses are required to be at least 350 words, demonstrates graduate-level competency and critical thinking skill as related to the topic under discussion. Further, a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles are required for each initial discussion board response. Also, the student will respond to a minimum of three other learners and each reply will be a minimum of 250 words in length using at least one citations from peer-reviewed literature and one citation from the text book.

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