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Furthermore, there has been much speculation in the media with how Amazon treat their workforce. With many employees, from warehouse workers, chinese workers, to office workers, all reporting having strict targets to meet, having to adhere to strict time limits and no job security. Although Amazons’ minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour, in October 2018 (Saintano.M) 2019, it seems this has come at a cost, with the elimination of bonuses and stock options. Amazon refute these claims, stating would 250,000 people want to work for Amazon if they were truly that bad. 

However, with so many workers having compensation claims denied and a worrying amount of ambulances being called to warehouses, it does pose a serious question, to how safe Amazon truly is to work for and how much do Amazon truly value their staff. 

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1)What are the ethical issues facing Amazon? 

2)Why are they ethical issues?

 •Post a 250 word introduction which says what the ethical issues are and states your 

•Read other people’s posts. Then, on the thread, choose 2 responses from peers and respond to them; podst your response/s.

Amazon is a profit making company that must answer to the shareholders who have a financial stake in the company.  However, Amazon’s rise in profits seems to be at the expense of ethical working practices that include unrealistic performance targets for the direct and indirect workforce.  Furthermore, Amazon appears to exploit legal loopholes in legislation to avoid paying appropriate levels of tax for the country in which they have a physical presence. (Willow. F, 2019)

Although Amazon has publicized improvements in working practices, their own workforce have highlighted continued unethical treatment of employees that range from unsafe working environments’ to job insecurity, thus damaging Amazon’s reputation.  Added to this, the lack of economic growth for areas that have an Amazon presence demonstrates the lack of value Amazon places on the community that serves it.

Amazon is risking reputational damage by the unethical practices they are currently employing, and in order to avoid detrimental long-term damage to the brand, an adoption of more ethical ways of working are needed. 

Third example:

Some of the problems that can be considered as ethical issues based on Amazon company’s operation includes: 

a.) Tax payment avoidance.

b.) Abused workers through company’s policy which is showing more advantages for Amazon as a company and a lot of disadvantages for employees.

c.) Temporary workers exploitation physical and psychological because as temporary worker you don’t know when your contract will finish because Amazon have the right to dismiss temporary workers if doesn’t need their services anymore or if they do not strictly respect the rules set it in the employment contract. This quickly dismiss can be done by Amazon anytime during the employment without any prior notice for the employee.

d.) Chinese workers exploitation. 

e.) Exposing white-collar workers into a toxic environment. 

f.) Sellers and buyer’s exploitation within Amazon premises. 

My viewpoint Is that Amazon practices described above are unethical because exploitation of the mentioned workers, sellers and buyers undermines their working capacity by demoralizing them from delivering their best skills to the business hence providing the practice wrong. Besides warehouse abuse most workers are in pains through sustained injures during the general operation.

Various articles have revealed Amazon’s ignorance of its warehouse issues regardless the physical and psychological pain of their workers. Even though it pays $15 per hour, workers are deprived of their rights, sweltering in warehouses and productivity demand rise. Over 100 current and formers employees interviewed brought an outcome of ‘unreasonably high’ standards environment and ridiculous working hours with threats of being replaced by young employees (Willow, 2019).

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