Identification of Topic

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Identification of Topic

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1/12/2020 10:53:26 AM

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01/12/2020 22:30



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Research Paper

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For this paper, you will choose a specific technology that could be implemented in your workplace or area of interest. You will expand this topic every week. In week 6, you will integrate all the papers into one final paper. Topic areas should be in the domains of: Patient Care Delivery Information Technology and Education Consumer Health Promotion Nursing Research and Informatics Examples might include a web-based education portal, a computer charting system, simulation technologies, social media, eHealth/ePatient, data storage/collection devices, telehealth, medication administration systems, and more. By Week 6, the parts of your final project will include: Explanation of the technology Benefits of the technology Review of the literature Do not cut and paste your annotated bibliography, but summarize its findings An overview of ethical, legal, safety, and privacy issues with the technology Purpose and goals of implementing this technology An overview of the implementation plan, including a description of the practice area and stakeholders involved Evaluation plan This Unit 1 written paper will introduce your chosen topic. It should include: An explanation of the technology, its history and integration into the healthcare system presently. The benefits of this technology to organizations and to patient care The paper will include 3 professional references, be 3-4 pages long, contain an opening and closing, in-text citations, a cover page, and a reference page.

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