HRES2303: Training, Motivation and Workplace Wellness

Provide history of the organization, including business strategy and organizational culture.Briefly outline the organization and its demographics. Explain the business strategyand organizational context/culture. Summarize the proposed strategy for a wellnessprogram, and how this will develop employee engagement in the organization.

• Organization overview and history 

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• Organizational culture

• Business strategy

o Proposed strategy for a wellness program

o How this will develop employee engagement in the organization

Needs analysis

Outline how to determine the need for a wellness program. Ensure to include all threestages: organizational, task, and person. Support your answer with research.

• Explanation of what is the need for a wellness program

• What needs or gaps have been identified)

• Provide three points of the each of the following: organization, task, and person

Program Content

Describe the specific topics of the wellness program and explain how it will meet theneeds of the organization. Also, justify why this initiative should be adopted by theorganization.

• Describe the specific topics of the wellness program and explain how it will meet theneeds of the organization

• Justify why this initiative should be adopted by the organization

Training Design and Delivery

Identify and explain the concepts and financial justifications, how to roll out a wellnessprogram to the workforce that ensures that there is at least 75% participation. Also,prepare two training objectives, and explain three training methods (one on-the-job, oneoff-the-job, and one instructional or technology-based).Remember to link the workforce needs to the wellness initiative and program. In addition,include an explanation of the learning principles that will be applied to the audience of alladult learners.

• Create two training objectives for this program

• Apply three training methods to deliver the wellness program (one on-the-job, oneoff-the- job, and one instructional or technology based)

• Describe two learning principles that apply to adult learners that you will integrateinto the program

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