hpa 430 leadership development

In the link “https://www.ache.org/-/media/ache/career-resource-…” and the file attached below, you will find models of leadership competency, including one from the National Center on Healthcare Leadership (NCHL), and one from the American College of Healthcare Executives. Focus most closely on the summary of the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model Summary (a PDF linked on the page) and the ACHE Competency document.

NCHL lists 28 competencies; the ACHE document has 22, including three listed under Leadership. For the purposes of this assignment, you are to ignore the 3 competencies in ACHE listed under leadership and focus on the other 19 in the ACHE document.

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Your assignment is as follows:

  1. Looking through all the competencies listed in these 2 models, list the ten that you think are most important.
  2. Choosing three competencies from your list of ten, write a 2-3 page essay that explains why you think those three are the most important competencies from your perspective. Be sure to use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced. Be specific in outlining your reasons. Why are these most important for someone with your background and experiences? Why are they most important for the type of health care organization you work in or would like to work in? (I would like to work in a small to medium size healthcare facility)

Must cite all work and be sure to include in-text citation.

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