HIST452-History and Film


Have you ever watch a movie and wondered, “Did that really happen?” Now’s your chance to find out.  

Pick a historical movie about this period of US History (up to 1877).  It can be anything, Native Americans, Slavery, Revolutionary war, Jackson, The Civil War…any topic that interests you.  After you watch the movie, write a 2000-3000 word paper that covers the following questions.

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On the first page or 2, describe the basic plot and characters. Make sure to correctly cite the title of the movie, the year it came out, and what historical period it covers. Not in too much detail, but enough so we can get the point. You can mention the ending too, because this is critical to the main point of the assignment. 

On the next 2-4 pages, write about the historical points in the movie that are accurate or inaccurate. For instance, if you watched The Patriot (which is a movie you are not allowed to submit) you would make note of the historical accuracies (there was a Revolutionary War) and the inaccuracies (too numerous to mention here) and support your comments with facts from outside resources. Please cite with in the text and include a Works Cited page. The works cited page does not count towards your word count. For some movies there will be lots of inaccuracies (The Patriot for example). For others, the inaccuracies might be more matters of opinion in how different historians view an historical figure. Pay attention to bias of the movie, the producers, or the production company as well. Something put out by Warner Brothers will have a different audience and bias than something put out by Disney, for instance.

At the end, spend a page as a reviewer. Did you like the movie? How was the acting, plot, special effects etc.? Tell me anything else you want me to know about the movie and how well you liked it or didn’t like it. Total number of points possible 100. Be sure to properly cite your sources!!

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