hist1110 week 2 discussion african history

About 50 years ago, Hugh Trevor-Roper, a professor of history at the University of Oxford, told a BBC audience, “Perhaps, in the future, there will be some African history to teach. But at present there is none, or very little: there is only the history of the Europeans in Africa. The rest is largely darkness, like the history of pre-European, pre-Columbian America. And darkness is not a subject for history.” What are your thoughts about this statement? Is there an inherent bias here? Or consider the recent remarks by the President of the United States about sh*thole countries (Links to an external site.), specifically Nigeria, where he claimed that those immigrants, once they saw the U.S., “would never go back to their huts.” (Links to an external site.) Remember to cite at least two sources. This is a discussion board post so it only needs to be about a page long. It is due by 11:59 pm ET.

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