Hist 224 History of Canada to 1867


In no more for each please respond to any two of the following:

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The answers must be based on the material contained in the Gilbert and Large textbook, chapter 10.

What were the main features of post-war reconstruction in the eastern bloc?

How did the Soviets respond to the dissent in the eastern bloc? Give examples.



In no more provide an analysis of the posted documents. (chapter 7)

For the analysis you must answer the following three questions.

What is the main issue or question that documents speak to?

What information do the documents provide on the main issue or question?

What is the historical significance of the documents?

Your response must provide direct evidence to support your analysis by providing at least three direct quotes from the readings. You may reference these quotes by simply providing the author’s name and the page number. For example, Chamberlain, p.206

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