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Please read each of the short stories that have been assigned for your reading (“Desiree’s Baby,” “Sweat,” “The Necklace,” “One Friday Morning,” “Young Goodman Brown,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” and “Everyday Use”). Once you have read the stories, write a one page summary of the story. Include in your summaries the following

1. The name of the story and the author.
2. The name of the protagonist and antagonist.
3. The narrative point of view (participant or non-participant)
4. If you determine that the narrator is editiorial omniscience, give an example of editorial narration.
5. If you determine that the narrator is neutral omniscience, give an example of neutral narration.
6. Include a short summary of the story–do not give the plot.

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Help with enlgish paper
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This assignment should be submitted here. Type each of your summaries in one document; consequently, the document will be eight pages long.

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