healthcare security and privacy plan

Project Scenario

Driscoll Children’s Hospital (DCH), established in 1953 by Clara Driscoll with funds derived from oil and gas exploration, is the largest nonprofit healthcare provider in South Texas. The DHC is also one of the oldest and most respected healthcare facilities specializing in children’s medicine. The DCH’s area of coverage includes the lower third of the state, consisting of more than 20 counties. There are also satellite clinics located in small to medium size towns throughout the area, which is primarily rural and dominated by the oil and gas industry, ranching, and farming. Historically, this area has suffered above normal rates of medical issues attributed to poverty.

The DCH’s main campus and headquarters are located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The medium size city (Population: 400,000, Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2014) is located approximately 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and one major concern with any IT infrastructure in South Texas is the prevalence of hurricanes and tropical storms along the coast.

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There is now a robust IT Infrastructure around San Antonio, Texas (Population: 2,000,000, Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2014), which is located 140 miles north of Corpus Christi. Rackspace Inc., a large cloud storage and networking company is located in San Antonio, along with the NSA-certified National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense at the University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Computer Science.

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For the Unit 1 assignment, you will discover and explain what should be included in the Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan. By doing this, you will come to understand the scope of the course material.


For this assignment, read the project scenario or choose another medical organization as the focus for your course project. Carry out the following steps to create an outline for your Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan:

  • Download the plan template located in the Resources section, which names the sections of your Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan.
  • Research the Internet to understand the contents of the following parts of the plan:
    • Purpose.
    • Title page.
    • Scope.
    • Audience.
    • Framework.
    • Introduction.
    • Executive summary.
    • Communications plan.
  • Create an outline for your plan, explaining the purpose and scope of each section based on your research.

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