Health Safety

  • Write a paper of approximately 750 words that addresses the following prompt: 
    • Refer to Figures 1-3 and 1-4 in Chapter 1. Select an organization or company from that list and identify its workplace safety requirements , based on its official Internet site. Then, compare that list to the list of regulations for that industry found on (Note that this is a general page. Select the relevant tab that matches the organization in question.)
    • Then, answer the following questions:
      • What objectives are listed in both places?
      • What does the organization emphasize, and what does OSHA emphasize?
      • Suppose you are in charge of reviewing the organization to ensure it meets OSHA standards. What action, if any, would you recommend the organization take? 
  • Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
  • Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections

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