Health IT Breaking News Assignment

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Health IT Breaking News Assignment

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11/30/2019 6:59:02 PM

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The ground underneath you in health care is changing hourly. As a manager, if you are not tapped into these changes, you will fall behind and not know of a new statute, regulation, or equipment. It is hard to do research every day, so why not have the information come to you? For this assignment, you will review a minimum of five articles related to health IT and provide a summary of each. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds bring news to you. You will start by reviewing RSS feeds and scanning for relevant articles. Scan the articles daily for IT news related to electronic health records, HIPAA violations and medical record case reviews, rule changes, ethics, e-prescribing, documentation, billing, security, health IT safety, and many other concepts. Here are some potential RSS feed addresses to sign up for, but there are many others you may use: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (from Office of National Coordinator) For this assignment, you will do the following: 1. Provide a cover page 2. Number your articles, and start with a reference in standard format to the article. Provide complete information, not just the URL. 3. Under each reference, provide a complete summary of the article. Do NOT cut and paste any of the article as part of your submission. ALL work must be your own writing. 4. Provide analysis. What does the article mean? How will this change things? In what way is this breaking news? Provide in-depth analysis. Superficial one-liner comments will not receive credit. 5. Double space your content It is expected that you will have a minimum of two complete pages of content. If you do not, then you have chosen insignificant articles, or not provided meaningful analysis.

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