Health informatics for GREAT-WRITER DISCUSSION


American telemedicine association.(may 2006)Telemedicine,Telehealth, and health information Technology.Retrieved from.

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U. S Department of Health and Human Services.(n.d.)Rural Health IT Adoption Toolbox.Retrieved from

               Technology Innovations and Health care

To prepare for this discussion ,search walden library or the internet for a technological innovation in the healthcare(ex.Blue button;telemedicine:, computing; video gaming in health care;Robotic and computer-assisted surgeries; simulation devices etc). This innovation should be different than the mobile devices you discussed in week 3.poat a summary of the innovation. be sure to include comprehensive responses to the following.1)What is the technological innovation and how is it used? 2)Whom will it impact? 3)How could it improve healthcare quality and delivery? 4)How might the innovation evolve in the future? support your xxplanation with weekly readings ad the resource/s you found. Inital posting must be 350-500words(not including references.)Noplagiarism and similarity.

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