Hamlet Research paper

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Hamlet Research paper

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The material I have decided to cover is Hamlet. I don\’t know which subject, maybe the theme of depression or the function of Ophelia as a tool for the men around her. Research Paper English 309 Overview: In this effort, you will examine one work from over the course of the entire semester and make an original argument about it. You are required to use three outside sources to support or dispute the claims you make in the paper. These sources must be dated 2000 or later and must be from the MLA database. You will include a works cited page in which you cite all three sources using proper MLA citation. The paper is roughly five pages long (1,000-1,500 words). I would consider it as a five paragraph (extended) paper with a topic sentence for the body paragraphs that assert a claim, supported with textual evidence and outside support. This is not a book report. Rather, it is a close examination of a work that asserts an opinion about it that can be disputed. Introduction: In your introduction, you should provide some context for the work. It helps to summarize in a few sentences if it is a longer piece and/or state the arrangement if it is a poem. You should include dates, author, title, and any necessary background in understanding your claim. Your thesis should be solid and provide an accurate map of the direction of the paper. Body paragraphs: Use the rubric of topic sentence, premise, textual support, analysis, secondary support, analysis, transition. You do NOT want to summarize plot of simply restate what is happening in the work. You can consider that your audience has read the piece several times. Your claims about the work should be original. In other words, do not parrot the claims of your secondary sources. Your secondary sources should work to support or counter your claim. Flesh out the analysis and claims using some close readings and critical thinking. This is the bit I’m most interested in, to see if you can really analyze the work you tackle. Conclusion: Give the reader something more to think about. What do other critics have to say that you were unable to include? What does the opposition have to say? What might you consider further if this study was to be expanded. Due date: The due date for this is 12/13/19 by 9 pm. Submission: Please make sure you write in the subject heading FINAL RESEARCH PAPER ENGLISH 309.

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