Geog1150 Geography

Your research essay will focus on a current issue in one of the regions of British Columbia.

1. First, decide on a topic for your proposal – this will be a current issue that is occurring in BC.Research some current issues and events that are occurring in BC. To help you decide if a particulartopic/issue might be suitable for your GEOG 1150 research essay, it may be helpful for you to rememberthat a simple definition of ‘geography’ is “what is happening where, why is it happening there, andso what?”

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o What is …. refers to the specific issue that is the focus of your research.

o Where …. places the issue in a particular location and (perhaps) community, such as a small,isolated community in coastal BC, or an Indigenous community, or a large urban area, or a resortmunicipality.

o Why there ….. can be quite complex because in most instances, many factors are involved, suchas the biophysical environment, and political, cultural and socio-economic factors.

o So what ….. reflect on the significance, implications, causes, consequences, etc. of the issue.This aspect of the topic may be complex, and involve many factors and considerations

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