GEOG 3320 Geography

O b j e c t i v e s : In this assignment you are being asked to independently plan, create, edit, narrate and upload a short (two-minute, 120 second) video about energy from an environment and resource perspective. The content and message about energy issues are more important than the visual quality, although that is also critical. The video can either be a type of “analysis” or it can also be a more personalized “narrative/story” about themes of energy resource, energy use, energy conservation and/or renewable energy sources, etc. You can also link energy issues to personal household, organizational, urban level or other energy uses or abuses. Energy issues and problems can also be linked to poor device, building, facility or poor urban design such as energy intensive suburban landscapes (e.g. carbonscapes or infrastructurescapes). If you are stuck for ideas, I would suggest reviewing the following materials from the CORE4: Book 1/Freedman Chapter 13; Book 3/Theis&Tomkin Chapters 8 & 11; Book 4/Alloso Chapter 6. Your video must be a non-intrusive narrative with images and spoken explanation (narrative). Your 120 second video should be carefully planned and narrated and uploaded to Remember: No interviews, No faces, Only your observations and analysis.

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