Geo 2060 Geography Cities

Please answer following three questions in 3 separate paragraphs.. 1. Choose two cities from two different regions that were discussed during the course. Compare and contrast their historical/political context. What do these similarities and differences mean for their success in the global economy? ( Please choose Hong Kong and London to write and compare). 2. Given what you have learned in class, do you think cities around the world are becoming more alike or more different? Provide at least 3 concrete examples from a few specific regions to support your case (e.g. in region X cities are like this, but in region Y they are like that. Examples should be different from the ones discussed above). 3. The theme of ‘globalization’ appeared a lot in our lectures (e.g. the idea that the world is now more interconnected than ever before, in terms of economics, culture, politics, and so on). Do you think that globalization would lead to economic development for cities? Why or why not? * The course textbook I will upload, there may be some relevant information in the textbook. Please write as soon as possible.

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