Extra Credit Assignment: Financial Literacy

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Extra Credit Assignment: Financial Literacy

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4/7/2020 11:29:19 AM

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04/07/2020 23:59



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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Research Paper

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As we have discussed in class, the majority of your time spent in business-related courses is equipping you with the skills necessary to effectively manage the resources of your employer and/or your clients. While many of those concepts are applicable to managing your personal finances, I do not believe that we are equipping younger generations – that is you – with the knowledge and skills to make your money work for you. Therefore, I am encouraging all of you to research the topic of financial literacy to help you learn why it is important and to also offer you an opportunity to earn some extra credit points. In order to successfully complete this assignment and earn the 10 bonus points possible, I want you to research the topic of financial literacy and explain to me: 1) what financial literacy is; 2) why it is important; and 3) how you will incorporate some of these concepts into your personal life. In order to earn these bonus points, you must follow these instructions exactly: 1) Your paper should be two pages in length, double-spaced, using size 12 font and normal margins, and you should use proper grammar and punctuation. 2) Do NOT plagiarize your original authors – in other words, you need to use YOUR OWN WORDS while writing this paper. 3) You must cite your sources on a separate page.

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