english question 344


  • Practice close, active critical reading of a work of literary fiction
  • Practice a range of diverse annotation tasks, guided by the handout
  • Reflect on and evaluate the process of active, critical annotation in a thoughtfully composed, well-organized paragraph
  • Apply MLA format standards where relevant



  • Find a quiet, uninterrupted place to concentrate.
  • Print, read and annotate the 1-page hard copy of the story, “Girl,” using the critical reading steps and strategies explained in the handout. You may find it easiest to print a hard copy of the handout, too.
  • Use PEN only, not pencil.
  • When your annotation is complete, scan it or take a careful, complete screen shot of it. Acceptable file formats in this case for uploading your annotation are .PDF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG.

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