ENGG11028 Civil Engineering Project Design

1.Each student is required to provide a Design Service on the agreed element of his/her Project Design.  This Service will include:


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·Specifications, BoQ.

Access to Academic Advice

Students may gain assistance from external professional colleagues/experts and/or from UWS Academic Staff.  In the latter case, the following protocol should be observed:

a.Students are only permitted to seek 3 additional items of advice from any one Staff member (outside of classroom consultations);

b.Each question or issue should initially be described in an Email to the Staff Member; a 3 working day reply period is expected;

c.Formal consultation meetings may follow on, should the further discussion be needed after the electronic communications; these will be negotiated and may involve more than one student being present; The group is preferable.

d.These consultation times should be used sparingly and effectively.

e.Specific Staff Expertise will be released in Week 3.

f.Academic Staff will be available for at least ONE Friday afternoon session during the Trimester.

4. Coursework Summary

·Assignment 1A: Schematic and Scoping Strategy for the final design. Each student is expected to submit an individual report (10%)

·Assignment 1B: Project Report (including options appraisal) (10%)

Coursework 2:

·Assignment 2A: Design Calculations (40%) & Design Drawings (15%), appended to Project Report.

·Assignment 2B: Procurement Documents (BoQ, Specification clauses) (15%), appended to Project Report.

Coursework 3 :

·Assignment 3A:  Group Presentation and Critique of Design processes and areas for improvement (10%) The group presentation assists the assessors on the individual contribution of each team member to the outcome!

Foul sewer design (hydraulic and structural) to include horizontal and vertical profiles; manhole fittings; sewage treatment proposals.

Storm water drain design (hydraulic and structural) to include horizontal and vertical profiles; manhole fittings; pumping mains as required; and/or use of environmentally-friendly systems such as SuDs,  MicroDrainage.

Geotechnical Issues that may affect structural decisions must be considered. A desk study should be carried out using BGS records and suitable foundation design should be proposed.

Advice and Guidance on the considerations in relation to the materials required for the structural aspects of the project. The should be appraised based on the Embodied Energy (EE) and Embodied Carbon (EC) inventory

The layout of utility services to include arrangements and fittings for main service connections

Waste Recycling strategy; Domestic & commercial waste segregation & collection arrangements;  Environmental Impact Statement

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