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Though our chronological and historical presence in the 21st century would align us with the contemporary literary period, that does not necessarily mean that we all feel a kinship with the writers OF that period. That is, not only might we all not feel that social concerns need be the most important concerns, but so too might some of us feel that our minds and thoughts and spirits coordinate more comfortably with the ethos of a previous literary period. In other words, some of us might feel that our personal views, our sense of what is important and matters, our ‘fit’ in the world around us NOW would actually allow us to be more comfortably THEN…the then of one of the earlier literary periods. And that is what I want you to think about and share. I want you to, in other words, after going through the material above that offers you a ‘Survey of English Literature,’ to reflect on the literary periods and then to identify the one literary period (ok, I will let you choose two if you must!) in which you think you would feel most comfortable. Consider the writing being done, the themes of that writing, the world situation/view that prompted that writing, the world situation/view prompted by that writing, and the things that showed themselves to matter in that writing…these are the sorts of things that will determine where you would feel most comfortably ‘placed.’

Aim for two well-developed paragraphs, filled with specific detail and properly (and interestingly) written prose. The rubric I have attached is the one I will use to grade your response this week, as well as all subsequent weeks. Oh, and be sure to type directly into the response box here in the forum (I will not open attachments, nor will I grade them, as I want everyone to be able to read through your classmates’ thoughts!)

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