eng reasearch paper

There is an example

Each team member must evaluate a different truss style the following list is of potential designs but not inclusive of all possible designs:

  • Warren truss
  • Pratt truss
  • K-truss
  • Fink truss
  • Parker truss
  • Waddell “A” truss
  • Pennsylvania truss

In addition, the following topics must be divided such that each team member researches one item, thus the combined background research for the final project report address at least these four items.

  • History of Truss Bridges
  • Structural Analysis
  • Pier/Bridge Abutment Designs
  • Other Applications for Trusses

Thus, each member of the team is expected to conduct background research on at least one truss style, and one of the additional topics at the beginning of the project. This background research is expected be written as a cohesive discussion that cites at least 5 sources, using MLA 8 citation style.

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