EDU5713 Assessment Principles and Practices

This assignment focuses on the following course objectives: 1.identify features of inclusive learning environments;

2.demonstrate an understanding of how collaboration impacts on teacher roles and responsibilities in relation to students with diverse educational  needs.

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3.demonstrate a range of inclusive and authentic assessment procedures to cater for the full range of students’ diversity

4.demonstrate competence in and appropriate use of language and literacy, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and bibliographic referencing.


-All reference to persons and places should be anonymous: pseudonyms will be accepted.1.Group project

a.From your combined experience, create a fictional class which demonstrates a ‘diverse classroom’.  Describe the class, with reference to the broader diversity within the organisation.

b.Consider that this class is studying a unit on poetry.  Create and briefly describe an appropriate learning activity for an aspect of this unit.  How would the diversity in the class be catered for, being aware of equity and accessibility?

c.Using references to each of your professional experiences, as well as relevant authoritative literature, explain what legislation, current research and professional standards you must be aware of in regard to inclusive teaching as a graduate teacher.


Reflect on the process of Task 1, both your own involvement and the group as a whole.

a.Which principles of collaboration were employed by your group? Discuss, with examples how effective they were.  Were any principles tried that did not work effectively? Why do you think this was so?

b.Evaluate your participation in the process of the group project.


-Groups of three will be allocated by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester.-A wiki classroom must be created by each group, according to the instructions given in Week 2.  Task 1 will be marked in this platform and as such, a link to the classroom must be included with your assignment submission.-A group mark will be given for Task 1.  An individual mark will be given for Task 2.-An individual mark will also be given for contribution to the process of Task 1, based on the ‘footprint’ of work left on the wikispace. -This assignment must be submitted in electronic format (.doc or .docx) through the assessment tab on Study Desk.-The coversheet for Assignment 1 is located in the Assignment 1 folder on Study Desk. -Adherence to APA referencing conventions must be upheld.

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