ECE 45-Introduction to Children with Special Needs


Purpose: The child and family analysis paper is intended to give you an opportunity to consider how supporting children with exceptionalities requires attention to child development, family and cultural characteristics, and school and community resources.

Assignment Instructions:  Identify a child on whom to base your paper.  You must choose a specific child.   You may use a case study provided by your instructor OR select a child with an identified disability whom you know.  The child may be in your classroom, school, family or child of a friend with whom you are well acquainted.  If you select a child you know rather than the case study, it is recommended you obtain signed permission from a parent or caregiver before starting the paper. Include this form when you submit your assignment.

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Your paper must include responses to ALL the questions below.  Your written paper should be typed in 12 point Times Roman font, double spaced and a minimum of 4 to maximum of 6 pages. This paper is worth.

Complete the paper by responding thoroughly to each question.  Remember to use citations as appropriate, and cite them appropriately.  The paper does not need to be in essay form.  

The number of points each question is worth is indicated by the question.  The NAEYC Standard and/or Supportive Skill addressed by each question is also indicated along with the question.  This is done to help students identify how what they are learning relates to NAEYC Standards, and contributes to developing critical knowledge and skills for working with young children and their families.


Promoting Child Development and Learning 

1.Define the child’s disability using IDEA for your definition. Cite where you found the definition.

2.Describe how the disability or risks associated with the disability impact (or do not impact) the child’s developmental functioning in the following areas:  cognition, communication, self-help/adaptive skills, motor skills, social/emotional development. 

Building Family and Community Relationships

3.Describe the general characteristics of the disability and its impact on daily life activities. Think about how you would describe the disability to a parent, family member or caregiver who has minimum knowledge about the disability and whose cultural understanding of the disability may differ from your own.

4.Identify and describe the strengths and needs of this child from the family’s perspective. Incorporate family priorities, concerns and goals in your response.

5.What additional school or community supports or referrals might be appropriate to support the child’s development and support the family as a whole?  

Using Developmentally Effective Approaches

6.How can having positive relationships and supportive interactions with children and families assist you in your work with children? Be specific.  

Supportive Skills

7a.How has the information you learned through this process influenced you as an early childhood professional? 

7b. How you will apply this information in the future. 

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