discussion week 1 4

Discussion Prompt 1: For your final project, you will create a survey regarding a public health-related topic that interests you. You can use the same topic in this class and your Research Methods class.* Next, you will have at least 30 friends and contacts complete the survey.

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  1. Please list one to two potential public health topics that you would be most interested in studying for your final project. (Consider public health issues that your friends and contacts may encounter in their day-to-day lives.)
  2. Discuss the main research question and the potential public health effect.

*If you are not taking Research Methods in conjunction with this class, please select a topic that interests you. If you already took Research Methods, you can use the same research topic, if you like.

Discussion Prompt 2: Find one peer-reviewed (original research) journal article (not a review or a meta-analysis or descriptive report) about a public health-related topic that you may potentially study for your final project. For your chosen article, include the following:

  1. Citation information (the authors, the title of the article, the journal name, issue number, and page numbers)
  2. A link to a copy of the peer-reviewed journal article
  3. What is the aim of the study? Describe the main research question
  4. The type of study design used (a case report, case series, cross-sectional survey, cohort study, case-control study, randomized controlled trial, or crossover trial)
  5. What you learned from reading the article (be careful not to plagiarize)
  • Discussion Prompt 3: Identify two possible research questions for your final project. Explain why these two questions interest you and why you would like to conduct research on them. Be concise in explaining why you believe there is a need for research to be conducted on the topics you’ve chosen.
  • Respond to at least two of your classmates with feedback on the questions they posted. Advise your classmates on which of the research questions they posted you think would be best for them to use. Explain why you think the question you chose would be best for them to pursue.

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