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               Week 6 Discussion 1

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“Measure and Control” Please respond to the following:

    • Measuring and controlling project deliverables is essential to validating work performed within a project. Evaluate how project status reports are useful for measuring and controlling resource efforts, project schedules, project costs, and project features of a software project deliverable.
    • Identify additional attributes of a software project that may be important to measure and control. Describe why they are important and how these attributes might be used to measure and control.RESPONSE:

      Week 6 Discussion 2

      “Software Defects” Please respond to the following:

    • Measuring and analyzing software defects is critical for software and system development. Describe the relationship between defect detection and rolling-wave adjustments. Determine the measures that may be performed to minimize the activities associated with rolling-wave planning.
    • Examine the factors that determine the availability of a system. Compare these factors and describe how they are interrelated. Suggest the tests that may be performed to determine these factors.RESPONSE:

      Week 7 Discussion 1

      “Earned Value” Please respond to the following:

    • Earned value reporting allows project managers to measure and track actual versus planned costs, schedule, and work. Present the factors, metrics, and formulas that may be used to determine earned value.
    • Analyze how earned value may be used to determine if a project is on time or within budget. Provide a real-world example, including the formula calculations, to support your response.RESPONSE:

      Week 7 Discussion 2

      “Project Control Panel” Please respond to the following:

    • A project control panel may be used to provide a summarized status of a project. Examine the various metrics, project attributes, and project control factors that a project control panel may display. Describe how various sections of a project control panel may serve as a communication tool for project stakeholders.
    • Describe how you may use the project control panel to communicate with different project stakeholders. Include an example to support your response.RESPONSE:

      Week 8 Discussion 1

      “Project Risks” Please respond to the following:

    • When managing a project, project managers must remain vigilant to project risk management. Summarize at least three risks that may impact the success of a large technology project. Relate each risk to a specific project attribute.
    • Analyze how the risks identified in Part 1 of this discussion may impact the project and project deliverables.RESPONSE:

      Week 8 Discussion 2

      “Risk Management” Please respond to the following:

    • Risk management plays an important role within the software project management life cycle. Determine at least three techniques that can be used to identify and analyze project risk factors. Rationalize how these techniques can minimize project cost overruns, schedule delays, and defects.
    • Justify an approach that you would use to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risk within a large software development project management life cycle. Include example(s) to justify your answer.RESPONSE:

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