discussion homework 6

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One of the best ways to better understand Internet branding strategy is to study how companies are currently implementing the Internet into their overall marketing and branding plans. Thus, we will spend a significant portion of the class discussing the most recent developments in this area. It is crucial that you stay on top of these developments by reading offline and online publications that provide daily coverage of digital branding topics. You will have the opportunity to informally report on and discuss digital branding news that you find of interest. This discussion will consist of the entries that have been posted in the Canvas Community, and responses to those posts.

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Question: There is a prompt at the end of the RTM module. It specifies what you should post about. In general, I want your educated opinion on an issue relevant to the industry or a digital marketing project that is new, interests you and is relevant to the module we are discussing. Your entry should include a brief summary of the issue/project and your interpretation of it. This is the type of analysis that any new employee might be asked to attempt. Consider this as you research and write your entry.

More details. Write professionally. Spell check. Use good sources, and cite them. Use links back to blogs and news sources that you use. Include multimedia where appropriate. Feel free to write in a conversational and informed style. Assume that people want to read your expert opinion. That is the style that most blogs use.

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