discussion assignment and critical thinking assignment 2

DA 2: Review the following news item to motivate your discussion.

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News Item: The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery

For our discussion, I am including below links to two articles. The first one is an article in Wall Street Journal titled The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery and the second is an editorial related to it. These offer insights on how an doctor in India is sustainably performing state-of-the-art open heart surgeries, a complex procedure, at high volume assembly line mode but with low costs, something considered hard to accomplish in the product-process matrix framework. Provide your opinion on what you learned from it in context of implications for operations management in healthcare industry.

The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery (clicking this link will download the article as a PDF file)

Editorial High Volume Efficient (clicking this link will download the article as a PDF file)

In addition to contributing to discussion, you are expected to reply to at least one of your classmates. Note that you must post your discussion blog before you will be able to see other students’ replies.

This question have to submit 350+worlds, and reply one of the student(150+worlds). Total 500+worlds.

CTA 2: Hotel Monaco Chicago – Value Creation.

A link to a short video about Hotel Monaco Chicago is included herewith. This hotel provides a unique set of services to meet its target market. Located in downtown Chicago, Hotel Monaco is recognized as a boutique hotel. It provides a unique atmosphere and a unique set of services.

Play media comment.Video: Hotel Monaco

Write well-thought out answers to the questions below:

  1. Describe the characteristics of Hotel Monaco. What is its target market? How does Hotel Monaco Chicago differentiate itself in that market?
  2. How does Hotel Monaco’s small size support its strategy? Could a larger hotel do the same thing?
  3. What has Hotel Monaco Chicago done to meet business travelers’ needs? How does Hotel Monaco differentiate its treatment of weekend travelers from its treatment of business travelers?
  4. Given any business’s desire to minimize non-value-adding activities, which of the activities of Hotel Monaco would you evaluate for possibly not adding value?

***This is question have to submit 650+worlds.

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