develop a workshop on groupthink

For this task, assume that you have been hired by an organization as a consulting I/O psychologist to assist in developing a new workgroup division. Management is concerned about getting the most effective and diverse teams in place to tackle major projects because teams, in the past, have encountered groupthink issues. Using the information you have learned this week, prepare a workshop to present to this group that addresses the following:

  • Explain the past history of groupthink, and then offer some examples to support your explanation.
  • Suggest how groupthink can be minimized within team decision-making situations.
  • Provide a list of 10 recommendations for the team to consider when designing and developing this new division as a way to encourage open communication and avoid groupthink.
  • Find ways to get the team involved in creating this list and figuring out why this issue repeatedly comes up in this workgroup and discuss specific steps in how to prevent this in the future.

Length: 3-5 pages

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