Design For Humanity

1. Part A:

Product Analysis: Prepare a Product Analysis Report using Datschefski’s 5 “TotalBeauty” Design Requirements for sustainable products and analyse your PRODUCT ‘as itis right now’ (you can use the template we used in Part 1 of Product Analysis). Describethe Product. Plan and prepare your content: thoughtful layout, with illustration andannotations. (Please review your Product Analysis feedback as you may need to dofurther research/ on-line/call to find information about the company, manufacturing,and the product).

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2. Part B:

Product ReDesign: Undertake a Redesign of the Product using:

1. One Guiding Point from the Lunar Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability – 15 Guiding



2. One Strategy from the Okala EcoDesign Practitioner’s Guide – 8 StrategiesConsider both the object + packaging. Indicate the specifics of your redesign to addresssustainability through your 2 chosen re-design approaches and show whichStrategies/Points you used, with an annotated Illustration of your ReDesigned Product.

3. Part C:

Critique: – Write an interpretation of your Product ReDesign and the impact of thedesign changes you made. Outline which of the Total Beauty Design requirements wereaddressed and discuss the degree of impact on each.

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