cultural celebrations 1

A review of the key impacts and current trends.

Write a 2000 word essay on cultural events. A power point presentation is attached to give better idea. Below are the instructions as well as two links to websites to be used.

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● Identification of the characteristics of your chosen event category (Cultural Celebrations) by comparing and contrasting at least 2 authors’ viewpoints (You can use Bowdin and Getz)

● An outline of the specific impacts that this event typology has on society, communities and the economy

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● Key trends and contemporary issues relating to your chosen typology

● 2 or 3 events as examples (case studies) of your chosen event typology – Any cultural celebration events would be okay – Examples: La Tomatina, Chinese New Year, The Carnival of Venice, etc)

● A ‘bibliography’ of the reading that you have undertaken in preparation for writing your essay

● A ‘reference list’ to identify sources that you use within your essay

(The 5 typologies are Sports and Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Political and State, Business and Trade and Cultural Celebrations).

If you feel it would be easier to write about another typology rather than Cultural Celebrations that would be okay too.

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