critical thinking 2 4

  • Box 2-6 Attached examine Words to Describe Critical Thinking. Notice there are two types of descriptors: Critical Thinking Skills and Habits of the Mind. You will use these descriptors to analyze a clinical experience from your practice.
  • Read the following scenarios Attached
    • scenario 1-1: Mr. Stone
    • scenario 1-2: Juan’s Home Visit
    • , scenario 1-3: Modeling CT
    • Ponder the discussions that identify the critical thinking skills/habits employed.
  • After reviewing the above, using APA format and college-level grammar, complete the following:
    • Document a clinical experience that demonstrates your critical thinking skills.
    • Describe your critical thinking skills and habits of the mind using language from Words to Describe Critical Thinking in chapter 2, box 2.6 pages 41-44.
    • Describe your interventions, and evaluate their effectiveness.
    • Identify which factors contributed to your selection of these interventions.
    • Identify whether the interventions were based on prior knowledge, current standards of practice, and/or research.
    • Discuss how your use of critical thinking skills was important to you and/or your patient in the scenario.
    • Use the Critical Thinking APA template for this paper.

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