criminal justice reading responses

Students will analyze the readings presented in the course with the goal of deepening their understanding of current issues and controversies related to gender and the criminal justice system. Students will choose readings, read prior to the due date, and write a well-reasoned response to the content. Each student will turn in three, 500-600 word single spaced typed papers. Students should include a summary of the issue or problem discussed, summary of the main research or perspectives presented and a personal response to the material including how it applies to other courses taken. Reading discussions may be assigned to Student groups in class who will then use the same format to discuss those questions critically. Groups may be randomly selected to share their analysis in class, notes may be used for these discussions.

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Access Reading #1 here: Intersectionality-Primer


Access Reading #2 here:Intersections of Race Class Gender and Crime, Burgess Proctor

Access Reading #3 here: Blaming the Victim and Exonerating the Perpetrator


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