Creative Change and Innovation – Poster Presentation

Creative Change and Innovation: Assignment 1 – Guidelines


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Creative Change and Innovation – Poster Presentation
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Assignment 1: Poster Presentation


Students are required to prepare a poster presentation which depicts a change management model. As part of this poster presentation students are also required to demonstrate how the change management model can be applied within a business change project.

There are various models to select from, including those that have been discussed as part of your lectures, which you are welcome to use. Please remember to choose one model only, and apply it in a business context. Your poster should be in an illustrative format.

The remaining content should also cover the following features:

1. The context of the change situation you are applying the model to, with an explanation as to how a change management model can be applied from a business perspective.

2. An evaluation of the impact of change in response to a business issue or external factor, and how it is managed effectively internally in relation to people, processes and other aspects of business.

3. What contributions are made by the person or persons leading the change project. How have they ensured that the business continues to operate effectively.

In each section the use of supporting relevant academic theory is required to underpin your answer.

Professional business presentation, (particularly relevant when designing a poster) and language all contribute to the overall mark. These marks will be incorporated into the marks for each section.


*** Core Textbook below must be referenced at least twice ***

Dawson, P. and Andriopoulos, C. (2017) Managing Change, Creativity & Innovation, 3rd Edn. Sage Publications, London. 


Take particular note:

1.    An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.  Paper copy not required

2.    10% of marks are awarded for satisfactory use of language and/or good presentation.

3.    5% of marks are awarded for satisfactory referencing and/or presentation of a bibliography where either is required. Note that all referenced work should be obtained from credible sources.

4.    Students should ensure that they comply with the University’s plagiarism policy.

5.    Students should make correct use of the Harvard referencing method.

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