CPCCBC6014A Apply Structural Principles To The Construction

Assessment Task 1

Task 1.1:

Develop a checklist for assessing demolition projects.

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NOTE: This checklist would be used to assist in the development of both the Construction Safety Plan and the Work Method Statement.

1. AS 2601 – The demolition of structures

2. Codes of practice commencing 1 January 2012 – http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/law/legislation/codes/index.htm

Task 1.2:

Using the checklist you developed for Task 1.1 provide a written evaluation of the proposed demolition of the building shown in the file Existing site plan.pdf.  A description of the building is detailed below.


Consider your evaluation as the body of a memo or letter to your Construction Manager – do not include any costings in your evaluation, just the details what work and precautions are necessary. Attach your completed checklist to the back of the evaluation.

The following are typical areas that must be included:

  • methods of meeting the requirements of legislation & planning provisions & WH&S
  • structural considerations
  • hazards including hazardous materials
  • services
  • recycling.

An inspection of the building revealed the following:

  • The structure was built in the post-world-war two period (1945 – 1950).
  • Base is painted render over brickwork and internal brick piers supporting slab floor – dividing walls found to ground.
  • The ground and 1st floors are 125mm reinforced suspended slabs.
  • Front and rear staircases are in-situ RC stairs with steel handrails welded to 50 × 50 steel uprights – Handrails are painted with the rear showing some severe rusting and flaking paint.
  • Shop fronts are timber post and beam with vertical VJ and glazed pictorial windows in timber frames.  Finish is lacquer in moderate condition.
  • 1st floor ceiling is AC in 1800 x 900 sheets with timber battens over joints – cornice is 150 x 250 fibrous plaster – top coat of paint is in good condition, but there are several layers under.
  • Fascia is timber – paint is peeling and shows multiple layers.
  • Gutters and downpipes are painted galvanised steel – paint is peeling and shows multiple layers.
  • Roof is painted custom orb type profile – appears in good condition though paint is showing signs of chalking – appears to be a re-roof of indeterminate age but at least 15 – 20 years old.

Assessment Task 2

For the projects listed below, identify the following:

  • Main types of structural members.
  • Materials used in those members.
  • Types of forces the members are designed to carry.
  • Fire protection method.


  1. The ‘Gabba’ sports stadium – refer to accompanying PDF document – copied under Part VB, (from the internet), http://www.onesteel.com/images/db_images/casestudies/sports23ssp.pdf).
  2. Brisbane international airport – refer to accompanying PDF document – copied under Part VB, (from the internet),   http://www.onesteel.com/images/db_images/casestudies/airport14cdp.pdf
  3. Q1 Tower – refer to accompanying PDF documents – copied under Part VB, (from the internet), & http://www.ancr.com.au/Q1tower.pdf

Assessment Task 3.1

Provide a detailed explanation for the complete construction process of the building, shown in the accompanying plans, from site setup to practical completion.  

Your submission should also include the following:

1. A list, in correct construction sequence, of the major activities such as:  Under the heading “Basement Level” – Assemble and install column reinforcement, Install formwork to columns.This list would be used to determine the construction process to be adopted prior to commencing the detailed costing of the project for tender submission.

2. Prepare drawing/s showing initial site setup and any subsequent changes which should be reflected in the timeline bar chart.Refer to Site management plan in the resource Guide to Hi-Rise Construction Technology available for download from the online content for this unit on the Connect website.

Assessment Task 3.2

Identify and discuss the practicalities of one (1) alternate construction process to that discussed in Task 3.1 for the project.  

NOTE: The alternate construction processes must still result in the same end product.

Assessment Task 4

For all parts of this assessment refer to the plans from Assessment 3.

What to do

For each of the scenarios suggest:

  • an appropriate investigative procedure to determine the cause
  • at least one possible causes for each fault
  • a practical solution for any identified cause.

Scenario 1

After three months occupation the building facilities office reports damp mould has appeared on the East wall near the North-East corner of the basement.  The remainder of the walls have not shown any mould accumulation.

The weather since the building has been handed over has been unusually wet, interspersed with sultry humid periods.  The basement floor has also been cleaned on a fortnightly program by hosing.

Scenario 2

The tenant on the third floor is reporting water staining on a couple of the middle ceiling tiles of the female toilets.  There is no unusual smell or water pooling on the floor.

Scenario 3

The tenant on the top floor has reported excessive replacement of fluorescent lights in one quadrant of the floor and sometimes having to reset the circuit breaker for the lights in that quadrant.

Scenario 4

An inspection of the exterior of the building some six months after practical completion has revealed a white powder residue on the unpainted concrete façade all-round the building between the 3rd and 4th floor.

Scenario 5

The tenant in the ground floor office is complaining of moisture build-up on the external glass wall centred on the entrance doors, especially on hot humid days.  The problem increases as the day progresses thought there appears to be a correlation with use of the doors.

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