computer technology scenario

Case Assignment
Based upon the scenario below, research and write a 2 page paper
(excluding title page and reference page) addressing the areas
mentioned. Although it’s not graded, take time to learn and try to write
your paper using APA format (this will also help you to use some of
the features learned in word processing software). Use at least 3 but
no more than 7 references with at least 1 reference from a scholarly
journal article (use the TUW library databases). The reference citations
should be consistent.
Citation help:
7 Tips for Writing a Good Paper:
The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)…


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Case assignment scenario:

You have been chosen to present a scholarly paper on important
events in computer history. Using at least one source from a scholarly
journal, and one from an .edu site, report your findings. What are
some of the key inventions? How has computer technology evolved
through the years? How has it changed and/or improved our lives?
Where is it headed?
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