collaborative activity ethics of the body mini literature review

This week’s collaborative project is a mini-literature review assignment, for which you will develop the following components. The mini-literature review will be developed using a topic you select that is related to this week’s study focus (i.e., Ethics of the Body).

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Mini-Literature Review Components:
  1. Develop a Research Problem Statement.
  2. Develop a Research Question.
  3. Develop Literature Review (LR) Search Terms and Search Term Definitions.
  4. Execute a Library Literature Search
    • Find and select 3 choice social science research articles related to the Research Problem;
    • Briefly analyze the articles; and,
    • Record the search findings on a literature review matrix.
  5. Write a statement that synthesizes the 3 choice social science research articles.

Sunday through Friday, develop your individual Problem Statement, Research Question, and LR search. Group members should collaborate on the development of their own individual templates and participate in shared learning in order to accomplish the activities (for instance, the group can collaborate to explore and execute literature review searches using the Concordia University Library Catalog via a shared web-conferencing screen).

Individual project templates (including problem statement, research question, and search terms) may be similar, but submissions should not be identical for any group members. Use the following project template to record your mini-LR findings. Although you are collaborating with others for this assignment, you will submit your own unique project.

Please use these documents:… God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Body

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