CNA699 Applied Learning and Teaching for Health Professionals


Aim- This assessment enables learner to explore issues around assessing a learner in a clinical setting and provides students opportunity to reflect on methods of assessments in their area of practice.


A-Discuss the method of learner assessment that are currently used in your area of practice, NB (an aged care ward in public hospital) FOR EXAMPLE

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-Preceptorship as a learning and assessment approach

-Supervision as a learning and assessment approach

-Theoretical examination as a learning and assessment method.

-simulation as a learning and assessment approach

B-Ask a workmate preferably a nurse from your ward their assessment experiences as a learner. The experience should inform your understanding of issues the person faced.

Analyze the situation using academic literature.

C-Using the outcome of the conversation and your review of the literature, form a well -argued position for selecting what you consider would be the best practice for assessment of learning in your ward. (aged care ward in a hospital)

Cleary identify the concepts that would be needed to ensure validity, reliability, and fairness

Discuss your position on the most suitable assessment process that you believe could take place in your ward (aged care ward caters for patients above 65yrs)

You should expand upon any themes you have identified relating to this and must reflect on draw from the literature.

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