close reading on passage

Please avoid plot summary. We’ve all done the readings, so it’s time for analysis, interpretation, and discussion. I look forward to reading all of your thoughts!

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Discussion Board Post 1 Prompt:

Practice Close Reading (Minimum 200 words for post and 50 for reply)

Please perform a close reading of the following passage from Kafka’s Metamorphosis. When doing a close reading of a passage, avoid summarizing the plot; we’ve all read the story. Instead, consider the literary elements the author is using in the passage–elements like diction, character, and so on–and provide your own unique interpretation of the passage. Review the Lecture on Close Reading for more information on close reading, if needed. Here’s the passage:

“Instead, as if there were no obstacles, [Gregor’s father] drove Gregor forward, making a lot of noise; the noise behind Gregor didn’t sound any longer like the voice of a single father; now this was really getting serious, and Gregor–regardless of what would happen– jammed into the doorway. . . . [S]oon he was wedged in tightly and unable to move any further by himself; one one side his little legs were trembling in midair, while on the other side they were painfully crushed against the floor–when his father gave him a strong shove from behind that was truly his deliverance, so that he flew far into his room, bleeding profusely. The door was slammed shut with the cane, and at last there was silence.”1

As always, once you’ve made your Post, please make sure to thoughtfully respond to at least one classmate’s Post in at least 50 words.

1. Kafka, Franz. “The Metamorphosis.” Literature: A Portable Anthology, 4th ed., edited by Janet E. Gardner, et al., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017, pp. 102.

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