Choose a mass media organization. Respond with at least 150 words

 Choose a mass media organization.  What moral values are embodied in that organization?  How is this manifested to the public?  What is the effect of these values on the conduct of that organization?  Is the effect good or bad for the organizatioN?


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Disney is one of the largest media organizations around.  Disney broadcasting incorporates many networks, television stations, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, theme parks, and theater.  Disney appears to dominate the media world, thereby, setting standards in culture. They aim to put focus on educational motivation, social value, ideals, and responsibility through films, yet they sometimes fall flat, e.g. the use of over animated bodies of women in their films, and mixed moral messages. Disney media has the power to influence children and create real world views that are misleading because they are based on fantasy. Disney plays a clear role in stereotyping by inaccurately misrepresenting race and gender. Although they strive to provide an innocent and fun experience, they reflect some false and inaccurate values and ideals on society, which could reflect poorly on Disney’s organizational values. They have a set of Business and Ethics Standards to base business standards, yet they have been exposed for being biased toward special interests. I think the overall effect of the organization is seen differently by different people. I have always enjoyed Disney broadcasting but I do see how they can create false impressions and stereotyping.

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