CBB064 The Reproductie System

Examination rules and procedures

·Arrive for the exam early.  If you arrive after the exam has started, you will not be permitted to enter the examination room as it would disturb your fellow learners.

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·Mobile telephones must be switched off and placed out of reach.

·You will be provided with a question and answer booklet.

·You are permitted to use some pens, pencils, a ruler and a rubber.  You may have a bottle of water on your desk.

·All your other personal belongings need to be left at the front of the room away from the desks. You are not permitted to bring any notes into the examination.

·Once the exam has started you must not communicate with anyone except the invigilator.  If you need to communicate with the invigilator, you should raise your hand and wait for her/him to come to you.

·You need permission from the invigilator to leave the examination room (e.g. to go to the toilet). If you leave the room then you may not take the question paper or your answer booklet with you. If you leave without permission then you will not be permitted to re-enter the examination.

·You should not leave your desk until all your papers/scripts have been collected.  You should not speak to your peers until you have left the examination room.

·Any learners found to have broken the rules of examination will have their scripts automatically invalidated. This means that you will have to undertake a resubmission examination.

1.Outline the changes that are taking place in the ovary and the uterus between day 5 and 17 of the menstrual cycle.

2. State one day of the cycle on which sexual intercourse could lead to pregnancy. Give a reason for your anwer.


3. Add to the graph to include other hormones important in the menstrual cycle.

4. After 28 days the level of progesterone in the woman’s blood sometimes remains high, what could cause this?

Early embryo development (AC2.3)

5.Study the images below and answer the following question

6. Use the images to describe the different stages of embryonic development and subsequent implantation.

7. Using a table format, outline and discuss the key changes that take place in the growing embryo during three, four and eight weeks. (100 words).

Hormonal control during childbirth (AC2.5)

8. Using the chart, outline the sequence of events that trigger the process of birth, and the hormones involved.

9. Create a chart similar to the one above to show how the production and letdown of milk occurs. Compare and contrast the role of the different hormones involved with their role in the process of birth.

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